All You Need To Know About Government Jobs After LLB

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All You Need To Know About Government Jobs After LLB

Bachelor of Laws is an undergraduate program which and this degree program is related to law subjects. The duration of this course is three years program. In the past, many students showed interest in law subjects. Moreover, compared to the past these days the students became passionate about studying law subjects. However, there are a lot of opportunities for students after pursuing law subjects. There is a lot of importance of law programs in society and many government jobs after LLB.

In law also there are different types of courses including law. They are many courses in LLB and universities are providing for students to pursue law. However, the students can choose their degree program in law according to their interests.

About LLB

Different types of courses in Law

Government jobs after LLB


About LLB

The LLb program is the three years program where the students choose after their 12th class. This degree of law is similar to other degrees and also that is 3 years program. Not only that, there are a lot of other courses that students are passionate about taking up the courses that come under different streams, and also the students are making up their career in different ways.

The students are taking up the Five years program where the students can go through two different streams and have the knowledge regarding both the streams. The universities are providing different specializations to the students to choose the program according to their interests and goals. There are many colleges in India to provide better education in law subjects. After graduation, the students can find jobs in both streams. Many companies are recruiting law students after their graduation. Moreover, they are giving a good amount of packages to the law students.

Different types of courses in Law

  • LLB

In this course, the students choose to learn only law subjects and this program is a three-year under graduation course. However, the students choose this course to develop their careers in law.

  • BA LLB

This course offers students two types of programs, and this is a five years integrated course. Moreover, the students are showing a lot of interest in this course. They can gain knowledge in the arts subjects as well as in the law subjects which gives them chance to take up the options they want in the end, and this is one of the different types of course in law.


Many universities are providing this course to students. Moreover, students are more passionate in this course where they can develop their career in two streams and get an idea of how the business works and understand the legal segment. However, this is also a five years integrated course.

  • BSc LLB

This is a five years course where this course is mostly opted by the students who are having a lot of interest in science as well as in the law. This course is not much popular however, it is available in some universities. Moreover, the students are showing interest in learning this course.

  • BTech LLB

Nowadays the students are taking up this course more compared to the past because by taking up this two-stream-sided course they can develop their career with options. However, to complete the B-Tech course takes four years, and by spending one more year they can complete the two courses that save time and give too many options.


This course is five years integrated course that gives knowledge regarding socio-legal sciences as well as law. However, the universities are providing this course to the students in many universities. The students have a lot of interest in this program.

  • BCom LLB

Many universities are providing this course and many students are showing a lot of interest in this course from the past. This course is for five years. The students who chose this course learn commerce subjects as well as law subjects.

Government jobs after LLB

Many students after graduation, dream of government jobs after LLB. However, securing government jobs is not an easy task for all the candidates. Moreover, the competition for government jobs after LLB gradually increased compared to the past. There are mainly three government jobs after LLB that many students dream about:-

  • Judicial Services Examination

The one applying for the lower judicial services examination should complete their LLB graduation program. And the candidate should be enrolled under the Advocates Act, 1961 as an Advocate. The one who applies for the higher judicial services examination should have enrolled as an Advocate under the Advocates Act, 1961. Moreover, the candidate must be having seven years of experience as a lawyer.

  • RBI Grade B Legal Officer

The candidate who applied for the RBI Grade B Legal Officer post should be an LLB graduate. Moreover, they are recruiting after conducting many levels. They have to deal with the legal issues of the Bank and they have to take the responsibilities regarding the legal work as drafting, solving the legal issues.

  • Public Prosecutor

This job is having a lot of competition because the one who wants to pursue their career as a lawyer with job security chose this job.  This job is having job security where the public prosecutor works as a legal representative and also represents the state parties. The Public prosecutor argues on behalf of state parties and the parties will not pay any amount to the Prosecutor. However, the salary is paid by the Government to the Public Prosecutor.


The LLB program is available to students in many universities and the courses are provided with different integrated courses and various specializations. The universities are providing the students with different courses where they can choose according to their interests. Taking this LLB course as a career gives a lot of government job opportunities to the students rather than that they can apply for different government jobs where they can have a career. So, to conclude that many students are having a lot of interest in law and after pursuing there are a lot of job opportunities to the students.