Benefits of Doing BBA and the Placement after BBA?

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Benefits of Doing BBA and the Placement after BBA?


In this article, I would be talking about the benefits of doing BBA and the placements after BBA. BBA is a 3 yrs undergraduate course majorly focusing on building up the managerial skills in the students. The course provides students a chance to understand the different perspectives of the business. This course offers vast career options for the students after completing their degree. Students have the option to carry forward with their studies or they can even take up placement and can start working in the corporate world. So, Students have a lot of benefits and placement after doing BBA. These days, if we look at BBA placements, it is comparatively better than most the other undergraduate courses. Most of the top MNCs are hiring BBA graduates these days because the managerial skill. The skills they are learning in college will help them to manage the operations of the company.


BBA is a 3 yrs undergraduate course majorly focusing on building up managerial skills and preparing them to face corporate life problems.  This course is becoming popular among the students these days because of the vast range of job options. The course is considered to be more of a professional course because of the job options available in it. Secondly, this course is comparatively shorter in duration if we compare it with other professional courses like B-tech, or Law. The major reason for this course getting popular among the student is that it is open to all the three streams of students i.e. Commerce, Science, and Arts. The course will assist the students with learning different parts of business administration and managerial skills with the help of classroom lectures and internships. However, The course will familiarize the students with different parts of marketing, business administration, market trends, and so on.

There are around 4900 BBA colleges in India but it becomes important to choose a college wisely as it is a professional course. I am going complete my BBA degree from Alliance University in a few weeks. The learning experience in this course is immense. This course requires a practical learning experience and industry exposure which can only be provided by the colleges. Therefore, when I choose Alliance University the main reason was the course curriculum and industry exposure that they provide to the students. We all are aware of the standards of Alliance University in the field of Business Schools in India. Alliance University is currently the 2nd Best Business School in Bangalore after the IIM Bangalore. It was ranked 39th in the NIRF ranking including the IIMs and other top private colleges.

Benefits of Doing BBA and the Placement after BBA?
Benefits of Doing BBA and the Placement after BBA?

Blog Outline:

Major Subjects

Career Opportunities

Major Recruiters

Major Subject:

For the duration of 3 yrs, students have to study various different subjects including all the semesters. Importantly, there are around 40 to 42 subjects students have studied by the end of the sixth semester. But most of the subjects are correlated to each other. So, let us look at some major subjects that students have to study in these 3 years.

  • Managerial Economics
  • Fundamental of Management
  • Managerial Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Statistics for Managerial Decision
  • Business Strategy
  • Entrepreneurship Development
  • Business Research Method
  • Business Law
  • Indian Constitution
  • Intellectual Property Right

Career Opportunities:

After completing BBA students have two options for building their careers. Firstly, Students can go forward with their higher studies in their field of specialization. Secondly, Students can take the placements offered by the college or can go for walk-in interviews. Most of the colleges in India provide help in the campus placement for the students. So, we will look into both the career prospects for the student’s higher studies as well as jobs.

Higher Studies:

Students have the option of pursuing an MBA, or master’s in the specialization in which they have an interest. As a result, these courses will help them to build their career in the field of business and management. However, having a master’s degree will add an extra feather to the cap of the students.

Job Roles:

However, BBA has a vast number of job roles available for the students. Because most MNCs need BBA graduates with the managerial skills they required because they are the ones who have those skills to taking important decisions for the organizations. So, let us look at the job roles available after BBA

  • HR Executive
  • Sales Executive
  • Financial Advisor
  • Business Development Executive
  • Digital Marketing Executive
  • Public Relation Executive
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Operation Executive

Major Recruiters:

However, when we look at the major recruiters for the BBA graduates it is not specific. As a result, in today’s situation, BBA graduates are required in all the companies. So, let’s see some major recruiters for BBA graduates:

  • TCS
  • Hindustan Unilever
  • Cashify
  • Deloitte
  • Accenture

However, there are many other top recruiting companies for BBA graduates.