Best tech MBA Program and Colleges

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Best tech MBA Program and Colleges


In this article, I would be talking about the best tech MBA Programs and the colleges in India. Nowadays most B. Tech students are pursuing MBAs to build their careers in the management field. Even most MNCs are hiring top-level managers who have technical knowledge. As they can handle crucial situations and take decisions immediately related to both fields which will save time. So, Companies focus more on hiring Engineering Managers. Currently, most of the top-notch MBA colleges in India are offering Tech MBA courses. Even some of these colleges are offering Tech MBA in Online Mode for the distance learning program. For the working Professional Tech MBA online is a good option.


Various colleges are offering various specializations in MBA which are related to tech backgrounds. These specializations are specially designed for the students of B. Tech background who want to pursue an MBA but don’t want to leave their tech background. It is a 2-year post-graduation Course present in a couple of the top business colleges in the country. Student from a b. tech foundation believes should do an MBA yet they would rather not change from a technical field to a management field. Thus, Specialization related to tech background gives potential open doors to the students to carry on the two fields together and it will open tremendous profession choices and job positions for the students. Nowadays most tech organizations are running behind MBA graduates. Since they have both administrations as well as technical abilities.  Each organization needs an employee who has complex abilities.

Thus, having an MBA degree Along with a piece of technical information will open a huge entryway of chances for the understudies. When I was going through the internet for a course related to tech MBA I saw Smart Manufacture and Digital Leadership offered by Alliance University in collaboration with Wipro. However, I liked this course and I would suggest students they can consider this course as a first option. These courses are for B-Tech Students and a part of these courses even requires students from the B-tech stream not from the BBA or B. Com foundation since this specialization is for most of the topics is connected with the technical aspect. Thus, presently we can say that MBA isn’t only just for the students of BBA or B. Com however we realize it is likewise a recognizable course for B-Tech understudies.

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Tech MBA Online

Tech MBA Programs

Best Tech MBA Colleges in India

Best tech MBA Program and Colleges
Best tech MBA Program and Colleges

Tech MBA Online:

Tech Mba in online mode is the best option for students who are working professionals and want to continue working and even complete their MBA so it is the best option for those students. Let’s see some of the top Online Tech MBA courses and Colleges offering it.

  • MBA In IT – Amity University
  • MBA Distance- NMIMS
  • MBA IT Management- Welingkar- WeSchool
  • PGD in Technology Management- Symbiosis
  • Online MBA in FinTech- BITS Pilani

These are a few top MBA colleges and Online MBA courses offered to the students.

Tech MBA Programs:

Specialized tech MBAs are great for students who wish to use their technical knowledge inside a business setting. While various business colleges offer various elements inside tech MBA programs, the central idea continues as before. However, central subjects focus on business methodology exceptionally intended to address the issues of the tech area. The interest for tech graduates is developing alongside the interest for business pioneers who can upskill and increment their tech capacities. This implies that no, like never before, is an incredible opportunity to be a competitor who has both ranges of abilities. Let’s see some of the popular Tech MBA programs in India:

  • PGD Business Analytics- IIT Kharagpur
  • MS Business Analytics- NMIMS Mumbai
  • Smart Manufacture and Digital Leadership- Alliance University
  • PGC Business Analytics- XLRI Jamshedpur
  • MBA Business Analytics- IIM Bangalore

So, these are some of the top tech MBA courses offered in India.

Best Tech MBA Colleges in India:

When it comes to choosing the best college for Tech MBA in India most of the top-notch business schools only offer this course as a specialization in MBA. So, Some of the best colleges are as follows:

  • IIT Kharagpur
  • IIM Bangalore
  • Alliance University
  • NMIMS Mumbai
  • SCMHRD Pune


So, While conclusion I would say that Tech MBA is a nice option for the B.Tech student because they come from a tech background and the course is more focused on technical skills. So, the student who wants to pursue a career MBA along with technical knowledge can definitely look into this course and make their career.