Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About Civil Service Exams!

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Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About Civil Service Exams!

Examinations help the students to have a healthy competition. As it is one way to judge the students based on their knowledge and also their experiences. Different types of government exams are held like- CSE, SSC, PAT & MP-PAT, IBPS, RRB, NTPC, and even many more. The candidates who clear these exams hold important positions in the government. These candidates are government representatives. Every exam like a civil exam has its importance, syllabus, eligibility criteria, its exam patterns, and selection process is also different from the other exams.

CSE exams

CSE exams or UPSC exams are a set of formal exams that students take up. Candidates test their knowledge and also understanding. At a specific time, these exams take place. So, many people every year apply for these exams.


Syllabus of CSE exam 2022

Eligibility criteria for Civil exams 2022

Exam pattern for Civil 2022

Tips for Civil exams


The full form of CSE is Civil Service Exams that is a competitive exam. This exam is conducted by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). It is a nationwide exam that students all over India take part in this exams. The name of this exam is Civil exams. This exam consists of different positions. Civil service exam is important for government positions. The different exams which come under these exams are-

  • IAS
  • IPS
  • IFS
  • ICAS
  • ICLS
  • IIS
  • ITS
  • IRTS
  • IDES

This is a list of the exams that most of the students go for. Apart from these, there are many more civil service exams. CSE exam is divided into Sections A and Sections B. These sections are very tough and have three rounds of writing exams. CSE exams are nationwide exams so every year more than 9,00,000 candidates apply for these exams. Therefore, the demand and also the importance of Civil Service Exams change from time to time.

Syllabus of CSE exam 2022

The subjects covered in CSE exams are History, Geography, Political Sciences, Economics, General Sciences, and Sociology. The syllabus covered in civil exams are as follows-

History as a subject in CSE exams

(1) British policy

(2) Civilise

(3) Freedom struggle

(4) Independence to 1964

(5) British wars

Geography as a subject in civil exams

(1) Human geography

(2) Concepts of Climates

(3) Importance of oceans and their features

(4) Study of landforms

(5) Concepts of human geography

Political Sciences as a subject of civil exams

(1) Concepts of justice

(2) Concepts of Rights

(3) Concept of Unionism

(4) Globalisation

(5) Indian Foreign Policies

Economics as a subject of civil exams

(1) Indian Economy

(2) Micro and Macro Economics

(3) Economics

(4) Public Finance

(5) Growth and Development

General Sciences as a subject of civil exams

(1) The Big Bang Theory

(2) Concepts of Dark Matter

(3) Dark Matter and theories

(4) Negative Matter

(5) Waves

Sociology as a subject of civil exams

(1) Concepts of Modern age

(2) Sociology as a science

(3) Social Thinkers

(4) Mobility

(5) System of Kinship

These subjects are covered under the CSE exams. These are the subject which has their importance. Apart from these subjects, there are some more subjects in CSE exams that are optional for all the candidates. The candidates have to choose these subjects of their wish.

Eligibility criteria for Civil exams 2022

The eligibility criteria for CSE exams are as follows-

  • The candidate must be a citizen of India.
  • The minimum age for the candidate is 21 and the maximum age till which a candidate can apply is 32.
  • The number of attempts for the general category and EWS ( Weaker sections) is 6, the number of attempts for OBC (Other Backward Classes) is 9.
  • The maximum age limit for the SC/STs is 37 years and he/she must get above 40% in undergraduate courses.

These are the eligibility criteria for the civil service exams. If a student fits in these categories then he/she must proceed forward towards the UPSC papers.

Exam pattern for Civil 2022

The exam pattern of UPSC is different from the other exams. The UPSC exams happen in three phases or three rounds. These are as follows-

  • Preliminary examinations
  • Main exams
  • Personality Test (Interview)

The exam syllabus for the preliminary exams and also the main exam is the same. Students who understand the importance of civil exams should proceed forward with studying these subjects and also take them seriously.

Preliminary exams

There are two types of papers in preliminary exams that are General Studies I and also CSAT. Both the papers are MCQ’s based and also the negative markings are done in preliminary exams. For both, the time duration for two hours is given, the overall marks allotted are 200 marks.

The numbers scored in the preliminary exams are added to the final scores. The exam is held in two different languages that are English and Hindi respectively.

Mains examinations

There are two types of papers in main exams. The time of both the exams is three hours. These papers are written type of papers, in which student needs to write the answers in the answer sheets. The total marks of the mains papers are 1750 marks. These papers are said to rank the candidates in the main exams. All the candidates are must score at least 25% in these two examinations. The candidate who will score more must be ranked.

Students also have the option of the third exam that is optional. The subjects which come under the optional exams are- Botany, Chemistry, Law, Geology, Civil Engineering, and many more subjects like this come under this. There is an option in the literature subject as well which is- Telugu, Urdu, Kannada, Hindi, English, and even more.

Preliminary exams and Mains exams are the most important and the difficult papers.

Personality Test (Interview)

After clearing all these rounds of the exams, the candidates have to undergo a personality test or interview. The candidates are selected based on these categories-

  • Mental ability
  • Based on thinking
  • Management skills
  • Leadership quality
  • Time management and even many more skills.

Apart from these, many students get rejected even in the final rounds that are in the interview sections, as its exam pattern of Civil exam is unique Every year more than 9 Lakhs candidates appear for Civil papers. And the seat intake is always fixed for the different rounds and the different seats.

Tips for Civil exams 2022

The Civil Service exam is one of the difficult exams because of its exam patterns in Civil exams. Every year many students appear for these exams. Here, are some exam tips for the civil service exams-

  • Prepare yourselves, and also try to fit in the criteria for this exam.
  • Make a timetable and try to stick to your timetable daily.
  • Always keep an update about the syllabus of the Civil exams.
  • Always keep on increasing your knowledge and also General knowledge strong.
  • Refer to different books for general knowledge, Sociology, and also to other subjects.
  • Focus on one book and not on so many books and also choose your optional subject wisely.
  • Keep studying regularly and also focus on the CBSE NCERT’s.
  • Try to make good notes for yourselves.
  • Try to practice different types of question papers.
  • Join different types of Model-test series.
  • Do your revision from time to time and keep on reading newspapers, magazines, and also other books for daily updates.

These are some of the importance of the Civil exams and also their eligibility criteria. Also their exam patterns, syllabus, and tips for the UPSC exams of 2022. Apart, from these, there are also different types of exams as well. There are some different kinds of Civil exams. And all the importance, syllabus, eligibility criteria, etc are different. Even the exam patterns and tips for the Civil exams are different.