Everything about the Life-Changing Computer Science Courses

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Everything about the Life-Changing Computer Science Courses

Computer Science is the right choice for people who love maths and have a problem-solving attitude. It is a branch that deals with the theory. The methods of processing information on digital computers, the design of computers, the design of computer hardware and software, and the applications of computers. It covers a wide range of topics such as programming, software design and development, web design, and many others. It  covers a wide range of career options. In the field of B.Tech in Computer Science, B.Sc in Computer Science, and M.Sc in Computer Science. There are many Life-Changing Computer Science courses.


  • B. Tech in Computer Science 
  • B. Sc. in Computer Science
  • M. Sc in Computer Science 

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B Tech in Computer Science 

B. Tech in Computer Science deals with the study of computers and software which are essential in today’s digital areas. It is a 4-year degree course at the undergraduate level. And gives the knowledge of computer technologies and functional operations along with Coding, Web and Database Development, and many more. 

Students choosing this course will be taught about the design, implementation, and management of Computer software and hardware. Students also have the option to choose their specializations according to their own choice. Some of the top specializations available in B.Tech in Computer Science are:-

  • Business Intelligence Developer 
  • Enterprise Architect 
  • Data Engineer
  • Full-Stack Developer and many more

There are many great careers opportunity associated with these fields like- Multimedia Programmer, System Analyst, Games Developer, Database Administration, etc.

In India, there are more than 3,500 colleges. But most of the colleges offer regular B. Tech courses. If you are looking for a specialization then these types, of course, are only offered in Pune and Bangalore. It is also available at affordable prices. In other parts of India, these specializations may be available but quite at a higher rate. 

Other details  

  • Program Type- Undergraduate
  • Duration- 4 years
  • Eligibility- Minimum 50% in 10+2 in PCM 
  • Admission Procedure- Entrance Exam/JEE / KCET and many more.
  • Course Fee- Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 3,00,000
  • Average Salary- Rs. 7-8 Lac 


  • TATA Consultants                      
  • Facebook
  • Cisco
  • Wipro
  • Yahoo 
  • Paytm and many more

B.Sc in Computer Science

B.Sc in Computer Science is a 3-year undergraduate course that deals with the subjects and topics related to computer science, computer application, and its services. The main aim of this program is to create quality professionals. Those who can work in all the sectors of the world. Whereas the various subjects offered in B.Sc Computer Science are- Networking and Security, Advanced Java, Linux, Software Engineering, etc… 

The admission procedure for the B. Sc in Computer Science is mostly merit-based. And the own entrance exams of their colleges. Top colleges of India depend on the government exams like- KCET, CUCET, and many more. 

Top University also offers distance education for the working professionals in this field. The course structure of the B.Sc student of Computer Science is much more the same as the B.Tech student.  

Other details

  • Program Type- Undergraduate 
  • Duration- 3 Years 
  • Eligibility- Minimum 50% or above in Science stream
  • Admission Procedure- Entrance exam of the college/ Merit- Based
  • Course Fee- Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 2,50,000
  • Average Salary- Rs. 5-6 Lac


  • HCL 
  • Google
  • IBM
  • Deloitte and many more.

M.Sc in Computer Science

 Computer science as specialization in M.Sc is a career-making course for computer aspirants. M.Sc in Computer Science is a two-year post-graduation course. It has an aim to solve various logical challenges using programming languages. M.Sc in Computer Science mainly deals with developing software. The various subjects offered in M.Sc in Computer Science are- Microprocessor, Advanced Computer Networks, Data Structure using C, and  etc. 

There is a wide career option after M.Sc in Computer Science like- 

  • Networking Master 
  • Tester 
  • Cryptography and many more 

Other details

  • Program- Postgraduate 
  • Duration- 2 years 
  • Eligibility- Must have a B.Sc degree from a recognized University 
  • Admission Procedure- Entrance Exam Based / Merit Based 
  • Course Fee- Rs. 30,000 to Rs 2,00,000
  • Average Salary- Rs 7-8 Lac


  • Wipro
  • Infosys
  • Oracle
  • Cognizant
  • J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. (JPMCC) and many more

With the fast-changing connected world, Computer Science is a key for future careers across the world. It is the key that makes our life easier day by day. It also builds the foundation for small and large businesses and helps them to build strategies and grow differently. Computer science is became a life changing course. The Career scopes for CS student is much more.