Home Science – Types, Eligibility criteria, Career options.


Apart from important subjects in education, there are some other subjects that a person should go for. These subjects help a person to learn new things and have a good life. Some other various skills can also be learned to maintain a proper balance in life and as well as home. These subjects are like- personal finances, food, clothing, tradition, beautification, and many more. These subjects come under one category which is Home Science. Home Science is also known as domestic science. It has different types of courses which are- B.Sc, M.Sc, P.Hd, B.A, and M.A.

Home Science

Like any other subject, this subject has its importance and many students opt for these subjects. Mostly, girls go for these courses. Like, B.Tech and other degrees, this stream is also very flexible and has many job opportunities, and even many more.

What is Home Science?

Different types of Home sciences

Eligibility criteria and fees

Top jobs in Home Science as a subject

What is Home Science?

Home Science or Domestic Science is a type of science subject that is based on every day and is a skill-based subject. It is a very broad stream that is taken up mainly by the girls. The studies and the subjects in this course are based on socio-economics. Students who are interested in domestic science must have their basis strong in these subjects- Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths, Social science and many more. It is considered that if the base is strong then the students are said to respond positively towards the learning.

Different types of Home Sciences

Domestic science is subject that has a variety of jobs and many more job opportunities. To get jobs you need a degree, the different types of degrees that a student can go for are-

  • B.Sc in Home Science
  • M.Sc in Home Science
  • P.Hd in Home Science
  • B.A. in Home Science
  • M.A in Home Science

B.Sc in Home Science

Like other B.Sc in Domestic science courses, this is also a three-year course that is an undergraduate program. B.Sc in Domestic Science course depends on scientific learning and the subjects covered under it are- Nutrition, Home Management, Human Development, Fashion designing, and many more. This course contains so many subjects so this degree is also known as a multidimensional degree and is based on both theoretical knowledge as well as practical knowledge.

There are many government job opportunities in B.Sc in Domestic Science like- Child development officer, Student counselor, NGO’s, hospitality sector, and many more. B.Sc in domestic sciences offers extra knowledge to the candidates. This course deals with the works of textiles, food, clothing, hygiene, interior designing, and many more.

M.Sc in Home Science

M.Sc in Domestic Science is also a two-year course that is a post-graduate program. The major topics covered in these subjects are- Human development, food sciences, health and hygiene, clothing and lifestyle, and many more. This subject gives more knowledge to the students based on practical experiences. The students who are willing to do M.Sc in home science must complete their B.Sc from a recognized university. They must attain 50% in B.Sc in Domestic Science. The entrance exam takes place based on the B.Sc degree. Documents needed at the time of admissions in Domestic Sciences-

(1) Grade Sheets

(2) Pass certificates

(3) Migration certificate

(4) Birth certificate

(5) Original photo ID

(6) Passport size photo

P.Hd in Home Science

P.Hd as a subject in Domestic Science is also a two or three-year course that is a post-graduate program. The major topics covered are- Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Physiology, family relations, nutrition, and many more. This subject is based on learning and critical thinking and decision making. P.Hd in home science is a subject that is available in offline and distance learning as well. Mainly, two types of P.Hd are offered that are-

(1) Full-time P.Hd

(2) Part-time P.Hd for the internal candidates

(3) Part-time P.Hd for external candidates

There are many more options for the P.Hd students, but that depends on the type of institute you are looking for.

B.A. in Home Science

B.A as a subject in Domestic Science or domestic science is a three-year course. B. A in domestic science is an undergraduate program. The major topics covered in B.A. in the domestic science subject are- Food Sciences, Apparel sciences, Extension education, child development, and many more. B.A in domestic science is based on the management of resources effectively and many more. Students can also go for higher studies in this field but have to score 50% in the last year in B.A. in Domestic Science. The top colleges are in Kolkata, Patna, Delhi, and many more. B.A in Domestic Sciences is also available in private and government colleges.

The top jobs are Assistant Director, Health Educator, Chef, Healthcare, and many more. The average salary varies from Rs. 1 Lakhs-3 Lakhs and many more. The fee for this course is from 7K – 1.5L. This course depends on lifestyles, family management, house management, and many more. This course teaches them the responsibilities towards the world.

M.A in Home Science

M.A as a subject in Domestic Science as a subject is a two-year post-graduate program. The major topics covered in this subject are- Study of production, preservation, quality management, storage of vegetables and fruits. Mostly, admissions in M.A Domestic Science are done based on merit. Not only in, M.A Domestic Science but also many other courses the admissions in batch 2020-2021 and batch 2021-2022 are done on a merit basis due to the COVID-19 conditions, or online entrance exams are considered as a second option.

MA in domestic sciences deals with medicines, Seawoods, mushrooms, and many more. MA in home sciences is available in private and government colleges as well. The course fees for MA in Home Sciences are Rs. 50,000. The annual salary for these people is 5 Lakhs-6 Lakhs. This course also improves digital skills. The top colleges are in Punjab, Ranchi, and Chennai.

Eligibility criteria and fees for Home Sciences

The eligibility criteria for the Undergraduate programs like- B.Sc and B. A in Domestic Science is-

  • The student must secure a minimum of 50% in 10+2.
  • The candidate must complete 10+2 from a recognized board.
  • The student must have basic knowledge about the subjects like- Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths, and many more.

These are the eligibility criteria for the undergraduate programs in Domestic Science.

The eligibility criteria for the Postgraduate programs like- M.Sc and M.A in Domestic Science is-

  • The student must secure a minimum of 50% in 10+2 and should complete it from a recognized board.
  • The student must have secured 50% in B. A degree or in an undergraduate program.
  • The student must complete their undergraduate program from a recognized institution.

These are the eligibility criteria for the postgraduate programs in Domestic Science.

There are some government exams as well which a student can give and their scorecards are also acceptable in all the government as well as private institutions. These exams are- IIT-JAM, CUCET, KSET, and many more.

Mainly, the average fees for the Home Science as a subject for undergraduate programs are from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 85,000. On the other hand, the average fee for the Domestic Sciences postgraduate program is from Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 90,000. And the fee structure differs from college to college and also depends on the subject you are choosing.

Top career options in Home Sciences

As the population of the country is increasing day by day, the awareness of the subject of Domestic Sciences is also increasing and is in demand. The top career options for the students of Domestic Science are-

  • Food analyst
  • Nutrition expert
  • Healthcare counselor
  • Assistant dietician
  • Fashion advisor
  • Sociologist
  • Social worker
  • Extension worker
  • Medical coder
  • Child development expert and many more.

The average salary for the people in this work is from 2 Lakhs-5Lakhs. Apart from these, there are many more career options that are available from the field of  Domestic Sciences, and much more job opportunities are there after the candidate completes their studies in Domestic Sciences. There are even more courses and different types of degrees in Home Sciences.