How to get passing marks and study tips to get good marks

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How to get passing marks and study tips to get good marks

The success of a student is measured in terms of marks. We live in a society where marks matter. Marks are just the basic numbers that a student gets on the basis of its knowledge, understanding, remembering, and learning compatibility. In schools and colleges these days there is very tough competition between the students to secure good marks. Some exams and some papers are so difficult that even getting passing marks is also so difficult.

Marks- The major criteria for students

Marks are just the numbers that are given to the students on the basis of the exams. These exams are just held to judge your ability, and you get marks according to it. Different exams have different passing criteria and percentages or CGPA. Every school or college has its own passing criteria. Like for schools, the passing percentage is 33%, and for the colleges, the passing percentage is 50% or 5 CGPA.

Marks and CGPA

Importance of marks

Some study tips to get extra marks

Passing marks

Exam tips for boards

How to get a passing marks and study tips to get good marks
How to get a passing marks and study tips to get good marks

Marks and CGPA

Marks do not give any knowledge, but in today’s time, marks have so much importance. As said earlier, the marks are just the criteria to judge the student on the basis of their knowledge, thinking, learning, and upon their hard work.

The full form of CGPA is Cumulative Grading Points Average. CGPA is defined as the average grade point that is obtained in all subjects. Mostly CGPA’s are used in colleges and ICSE boards. Every country has its own CGPA system, like India has its own CGPA system.

Importance of marks

Marks play an important role in a student’s life. It doesn’t matter in which form are the marks allotted.

It is very much important for the students to score good marks and CGPA in schools and colleges. Good marks are required in the schools for higher education because the marks of class 10th and class 12th are considered important for colleges. As in 2021, many colleges like in Noida.. prepared their merit list for admissions in different departments on the basis of class 10th and class 12th results. Students who secured good marks were easily able to get college. For them, these marks proved to be a good option in times of COVID-19.

It is also very important for college students to get a good CGPA or good marks in colleges because marks are important criteria for the students to get placement in big companies or MNC’s. Big companies or top MNC’s also prefer students with 7-8 CGPA or 70%-80% in overall B.Tech programs. So, for them, marks or CGPA are proved to be important, and students are easily filtered on the basis of marks or CGPA for final placement and jobs.

Study tips to get extra marks

Some of the study tips for the students to get extra marks are as follows-

  • Study the topics regularly which are taught in the class.
  • Understand your weak areas and work upon those weaknesses and change them into strengths.
  • Be always ahead of the rest students and study every day some extra for the next class.
  • Be active in class; respond to the teacher with your answer. It is not always important for the student to give correct answers, but they should participate in class and make the class a two-way conversion, which is liked by most teachers. A teacher likes to have an interactive class.
  • Give some time to each subject in your each-day schedule.
  • Talk to the teacher and get things right.

These study tips will help students a lot to gain some extra marks and also helps them to develop and maintain a strong bond between a teacher and a student.

Passing marks

When always a student gives exams their main target is to get good marks in exams and come up in top rankers of class, or they always target to get good marks. The main passing criteria for the schools are to get 33% in written exams and to get 50% in internal assessments. In colleges, these criteria are to get 50% in internal assessments and get 50% in written exams. Apart from these, some mid-semester papers are also held in which each student is required to pass.

Passing marks out of 40

The passing marks for students required are 13, as 13 is 33% of 40.

Passing marks out of 50

The passing marks for students required are 20, as 20 is 33% of 50.

Passing marks out of 60

The passing marks for students required are 23, as 23 is 33% of 60.

Passing marks out of 80

The passing marks for students required are 28, as 28 is 33% of 80.

Exam tips for Boards

Students who are going to give boards for 2022 must keep these things in mind-

  • Prepare a good study plan and give time to all subjects.
  • Stick to the NCERT’s or prescribed books more.
  • Prepare short and good notes.
  • Finish your syllabus 3 months before.
  • Practice maths and physics daily, if you are a science student.
  • Work on your weak parts of subjects. Convert them into strong parts.
  • Practice sample papers as much as you can.

That doesn’t matter the student belongs to which board but marks matter in all the boards like- CBSE, ICSE, SSC, or any other state board. Every student can get good marks on their boards. But, they need to be consistent and stick to their tough timetable. That is only possible when the student is dedicated to studying and really wants good marks on boards.