Popular Olympiad Exams and Preparation for Olympiads 2022

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Popular Olympiad Exams and Preparation for Olympiads 2022

There are more than 14 lakh schools in India. Apart from regular school exams, some competitive exams are also held in the schools, characterized as inter-school exams, inter-state exams, and international exams. All the other exams except the regular exams are said to be olympiad exams.

Olympiad Exams

These exams are also said to judge people based on their thinking, learning, understanding, and many more. There are different types of exams of this way like:- IMO, IOM, Green olympiad, NSEIS, and many more. The word “olympiad” means to compete with the students of the same level. These Olympiads are held in various subjects like- English, Hindi, Science, and Social Science.

English Olympiads

Science Olympiads

Physics olympiads

Chemistry olympiads

Social Science Olympiads

Maths Olympiads

Olympiads 2022

Preparation of Olympiads of 2022

English Olympiad exams

English olympiad exams are said to develop English grammar and English language skills. Mostly, the English olympiads are held for classes 1 to 10, and students participate too much in these olympiads. Students from different boards and different schools compete together with each other in these olympiads. The course structure covered in these exams is the same as that of CBSE, ICSE, and other state boards.

The objective of this exam is to test the English knowledge of the students of the same level. English is a type of language that is in demand and accepted all over the world. The pattern of the exams is different as it consists of sentence structure, parts of speech, comprehension, and many more. Speaking and writing in English helps develop different types of skills. Some popular English Olympiads are- IEO, EIO, UES, and many more.

Science Olympiad exams

Science Olympiad exams are said to develop a building platform to test the skill sets. In this olympiad, students from different schools and boards compete with each other to win these olympiads. These exams are held on three different levels- State, National, and International. Individual olympiads are held for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

Physics Olympiads

This physics olympiad exam is mainly for students of 6 to 10. The syllabus of the Physics Olympiad is based on- Kinematics, Statics, Dynamics, Hydrodynamics, Circuits, Waves, and many more. In these olympiads, the questions are also based on laboratory experiences. Students who attend labs seriously will always be able to answer these questions very quickly. For other syllabus and more details about Physics Olympiads, students should refer to their references books which guide them in the right direction.

Chemistry Olympiads

This chemistry olympiad exam is mainly for the students of 9 and 10. The syllabus of the Chemistry Olympiad is based on- Structure of atoms, Thermodynamics, Electrochemistry, and many more. In this olympiad as well experiments are included and questions from practical are taken. Students need to focus on the investigation as well. The objective of the Chemistry Olympiad is to attain excellence in Chemistry.

Social Science Olympiad exams

These social science Olympiad exams are used to test the students’ knowledge of History, Civics, and Geography. The syllabus of this olympiad is based on the course of social science till class 10th. The books referred to this olympiad are mainly of CBSE NCERT or ICSE Books. This olympiad is primarily held for the students at the national level. The popular olympiad is NSSO (National Social Science Olympiad).

Maths Olympiad exams

The Maths Olympiad exams are held at three levels- State, National and International level. Every year too many students participate in these olympiads. Students from all over India compete with each other and gain some extra knowledge. The maths syllabus for Maths Olympiad contains- Matrix, Probability, Trignometry, Circles, and many more. The popular reference books for the preparation for this olympiad is- R.D.Sharma, R.S.Aggrawal, and many more.

Olympiad Exams 2022

Every year, new olympiad exams are held and brought to the notice of the students. There are many advantages of engaging in the olympiad exams. Like-

  • Students of different backgrounds come together, compete with each other, and give each other a tough challenge. In this way, the student develops an attitude of competition.
  • While competing with other students, the student develops analytical skills.
  • They were competing with other students, the students a chance to work on their weaknesses and change their weaknesses to solid points.
  • Participating in Olympiads gives the student the extra knowledge which helps it develop.
  • Participating and winning in Olympiads gives the students the strength and them better.

The upcoming year is 2022, and that year as well new olympiads will be announced. Students will get another chance to gain more knowledge and be smarter than their competitors. Some popular olympiads announced every year are:- NSSO, IMO, IOM, ITO, NESO, and many more.

Preparation for Olympiads 2022

For the preparation for the olympiads of 2022, students should work hard. Some tips for the olympiads of 2022 are-

  • Focus on one book. Don’t go for so many reference books. Choose one and go for it.
  • Have the main focus on CBSE NCERT or ICSE books.
  • Prepare notes and study them well.
  • Practice more and more subjects like maths.
  • Sample paper should be practiced daily after completing the course.
  • Work on your tough chapters of that subjects.

There are many olympiads. In every class, we can participate in different olympiads and make ourselves a better person every day. Olympiads help us make a better person every day and help us gain some extra knowledge.