Ranchi Women’s College

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Ranchi Women's College


One of the most popular and oldest educational institutions in Jharkhand is the Ranchi Women’s College. It is located at Circular Road, Ranchi. Furthermore, the college has two separate blocks – Art Block and Science, Commerce, and Vocational Block.

This institution provides higher education for women in social sciences/ humanities, sciences, and commerce. Furthermore, the college is known to be a Centre of Excellence in the realm of higher education for women of Jharkhand, Bihar, West Bengal, and Orissa. Because the college got its Autonomy Status by the UGC with effect from 2011 to 12.

Rather than focusing entirely on traditional subjects like Arts and Science, the college combines students’ knowledge and skills with vocational subjects such as biotechnology, computer science, etc. These programs focus more on knowledge than skills, so they consist of classroom discussions, seminars, tutorials, project work, networking with NGOs, and lectures/workshops by experts from India and abroad.


Ranchi Women’s College aims to create such an environment and atmosphere through which girls can pave ahead towards overall development of personality empowering them thus, in the following five ways:

  1. To make them Intellectually enriched and advanced in knowledge
  2. Expose them to social causes at the global level
  3. Empowering them with moral strength to combat social taboos
  4. By achieving economic independence they will be able to become self-reliant
  5. To encourage them for being mentally and physically fit & healthy to accept any challenge
Ranchi Women's College
Ranchi Women’s College

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Admissions to Ranchi Women’s College

The College conducts a qualifying exam and personal interview for admissions to all the courses. Because for B.Ed. admission, candidates are suppose to qualify State Common Entrance Test and by a personal interview.

College follows an offline procedure for admissions. Following the completion of the application and test, applicants will have to wait for word of the merit list indicating if they were admit or not. The merit list will be available to the candidates on the college’s official website.

Application Process

  • Application forms are available at Ranchi Women’s College.
  • Fill out and submit the application form along with the processing fee via a cashier’s check or a Demand Draft.
  • Candidates should make a demand draft payable at Ranchi in favor of “Ranchi Women’s College”.
  • Various bookstores sell the application pack to students.
  • Because of the stipulated time, applications must be given at the Institute offices with the application fee and essential documents.
  • The students can also send a letter along with a Demand Draft requesting an application form by post through its nearby post office.


Classrooms: There are several sections to the classrooms, all equipped with modern technology like projectors and computers. Students receive training from various expert lecturers from around the world to develop their knowledge and skills.

Labs: Students learn hands-on with the appropriate equipment, tools, and instruments by dividing the labs into various departments.

Hostel: The students are provided with spacious rooms which would suit their comfort. Furthermore, the hostel has proper electricity facilities, Wi-Fi, and attached bathrooms to ensure that there are no disturbances with the student’s studies.

Auditorium: A 5500-square-foot multi-purpose hall is located in the Science Block.

Furthermore, the college is well-verse with sports and gym infrastructure with a coach to train the students.

Clubs and Committees

Students Welfare Board:   Students Welfare Board is an organization responsible for organizing various activities on campus including sports competitions, cultural festivals, and national day celebrations to ensure that students have a leisurely and enlightening time.

National Service Scheme (NSS): Various community-based programs are organize regularly to indoctrinate the spirit of service in students and make them realize the joy of giving back to the community.

Alumni Association: The alumni association aims to support the college with its mission and objectives by regularly guiding the college with the upcoming trends and challenges in the market. It also updates the skills required to meet the challenges of the current situations.

SC-ST Cell: The cell is built to safeguard the SC/ST students and faculty by resolving their problems.

Grievance Redressal System: Furthermore, this Committee sees to it that any grievances raised by students about the general administration, examinations, and evaluations, or any other problems with day-to-day operations, are understood and handled in the best interest of the students.

Women Empowerment Cell: Furthermore, the purpose is to promote gender equality, academic, technical, medical, cultural, and social events happen.

Literary Committee: Furthermore, the committee provides a platform for the students to hone their oratory and literary skills by organizing essay writing, poems, and article contribution events.

Equal Opportunity Cell: The cell is constitute to ensure that everyone on the campus (including the minorities and backward class students) is provided with equal opportunity and reviews equally regardless of color, or culture.

Anti-Ragging Cell: Furthermore, the college follows a zero-tolerance policy toward ragging. On the University Campus ragging is sternly forbidden.