Reasons why Top Finance Colleges In Bangalore are Popular

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Reasons why Top Finance Colleges In Bangalore are Popular

The word Finance means to handle the money and in the company, it means to handle the investments and the funds for the company. It also consists of Public Finance, Corporate Finance, and also different types of Finance. There are also the different levels of Finance that people come across these are as- Chartered Accountant Courses, Certified Financial Planner Courses, Chartered Wealth Manager, and many more.

Popular Finance Courses in Banglore

Finance is a subject that deals with money and money matters. Finance is one of the subjects that is today, leading the world. There are many top MBA colleges providing finance specialization. The top courses of Finance in Bangalore are as follows-

CA (Chartered Accountant)

CFP (Certified Financial Planner)

CWM Certified Wealth Manager

CA (Chartered Accountant)

The full form of the CA course is the Chartered Accountant Course. This course deals with the practice of accounting, tax returns, works on investments, partnership accounts, Sentence Type, Business Cycles, and many more. This degree takes a person who has knowledge and skills in this field. As this field is very broad there are much more career options in the field of Finance as compared to the past. Chartered Accountant is a degree that is a professional degree. This course is done by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. This is also a type of Finance Course that students come across.

The candidates who are willing to take this as a career option should have these qualities:-

(1) Learn of to manage Accounting.

(2) To do the work of audit.

(3) To understand the different aspects of Financial Accounting and Reporting.

(4) Applied Finance needs to be understood, very easily.

The demands of the Chartered Accounts are very much in demand by different types of  Banks, Organizations, and many more. The starting packages of these candidates start from Rs.5 Lakhs- Rs.25 Lakhs. The exams of the Chartered Accountant are very difficult to pass as well as the interview. The Chartered Accountant jobs are also available in the Government Sector, Private Sector, and in Startup companies as well. This degree is a highly qualified degree by the people.  The entrance exam for this course is CPT or Common Proficiency Test.  This entrance exam of CPT is held twice a year. These two times of the year are- (1) June and (2) December.

CFP (Certified Financial Planner)

The full form of CFP is- Certified Financial Planner Course. This degree is considered internationally as well. This course also consists of financial planning training, education, and many more. There are two modes available for this course. These courses are like- Regular Pathway and the Challenge Status Pathway and many more. This is also a type of Finance Course that students come across and many more.

For the Regular Pathway program, the student should clear the five exams that cover the six modules as per the CFP. The candidates who chose the Challenge Status Pathway must clear the CA Intermediate level entrance exam for these courses.

The Top Modules for these courses are as follows-

(1) Intro to the Financial Planning

(2) Risk Analysis

(3) Employee Benefits

(4) Investment Planning

(5) Estate Planning

(6) Advanced Financial Planning and many more.

These are six important top modules that are included in the course of Certified Financial Planner. There are no separate exams for these six modules, these exams are taken up in a single go and many more. The average salary of the Certified Financial Planner varies from Rs. 75K – Rs. 3.5 Lakhs and many more.

The people who chose this course must be good at analysis, Succession Planning, Collection and keeping of data, Legal-Related issues, Asset classes, emergency funds, and many more. The course fees vary from Rs. 5K – Rs. 30K and many more. Even in private colleges, these fees are very high from the normal fee structure. The FPSB conducts all these courses. This is a process to learn financial planning and implement it.

CWM (Certified Wealth Manager)

The full form of CWM is Chartered Wealth Manager Courses. This degree is given by the GAFM (Global Academy of Finance and Management). In particular, This certificate course is only given to the people who have knowledge about this course and have skills for these courses and many more. The candidates who want this degree must have a master’s degree in Finance, Law, Economics, Math, and many more. This is also a type of Finance Course that students come across.

This field only focuses on the topics such as relationship management, communications, sales, and many more. This course requires a 15 hours per year planning of the education in this field. The popular field of Chartered Wealth Manager are as follows-

(1) Estates Trusts

(2) Asset Management

(3)Portfolio Management

(4) International Tax

(5) Retirement Law

(6) Economics


(8) Money

(9) Systems of Banks

(10) Relationship ethics and many more.

The requirements of the CWM are also very different than the candidate should have three years of professional experience. The person must also have a degree from a government college in the field of MBA/ and another degree like Law, CPA, and many more. The candidates should also have experience in executive certifications programs.

The Chartered Wealth Manager makes the strategy for the clients and prepares the strategy for the long-time goals. Likewise, the work of the Chartered Wealth Manager is to provide the data to the clients and also provide the independent assessment of the information. They also teach the fundamental types that how should financial marketers raise big investments and many more.

Other Courses

Apart from these, there are many more courses that the Top MBA Colleges in Bangalore provides. Like- CPM (Chartered Portfolio Manager), CT (Chartered Trust), PFS (Personal Financial Specialist), and many more. The different types of Finance courses are in demand as the demands of these people are more in the sector of Banks, Companies, Organizations and many more.