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What is Philosophy and Subjects in Philosophy?

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What is Philosophy and Subjects in Philosophy?


In this article, we will be talking about Philosophy and its subjects after there would be the scope of this course and some best colleges for this course. B.A. Philosophy is an undergraduate course of 3years for those who are Critical thinkers or basic masterminds. The course covers the major parts of Indian and Western Philosophy. Philosophy is a part of the study which enquires into the fundamental question related to human life. Liberal arts in Philosophy is a proper decision for graduates who are keen on a course in Arts and frequently wind-up mulling over inquiries of life and presence. The course gets ready understudies to become basic masterminds and analysers. This course requires more practical knowledge and real-time experience.


B.A. Philosophy is an undergraduate course of 3years for those who are Critical thinkers or basic masterminds. The course covers the major parts of Indian and Western Philosophy. Philosophy is a part of the study which enquires into the basic question related to human life. It is worried about human information, moral and logical thinking, workmanship, and society. This course has an essential part to play in callings like regulation, business, and policy implementation. The subject helps the students to figure out how to research and write clear, frame argument, and understand new ways of thinking and persuasive argument. The course fundamentally rotates around human existence and its nuance. 

It gives significant encounters about a sound way to deal with everyday life. Being a degree requires more practical learning information, so picking a college turns into an important decision. In my opinion B.A. The philosophy at Alliance School of Liberal Arts (Alliance University) would be a nice option at the present time. I can say this because I have seen their course structure and have a few friends in this college. So, they said that Alliance School of Liberal Art is a new branch, but faculties that colleges have recently hired for this branch are well experienced and have prior experience of more than 10 to 15 years. Some of the faculties are even hired from different well-known universities of the world. The course curriculum that I saw on the website was more focused on practical learning and conceptual based learning which is highly required in this course. 

Admission Process

Admission in this Course is based on Either an Entrance Exam or Merit Base. Most colleges take admission on the basis of Merit-Based.


  • It is Completely based on the class 12th marks of the student.
  • If anyone students are interested, then they can fill out the form of that respective college.
  • The student should check the eligibility criteria. So, as soon as the college releases the cut off list, students can apply.

Entrance Exam Based

  • Universities conduct their entrance exam so that they can select a good bunch of deserving Candidates.
  • Student Should select the subject and apply through the registered website.
  • Then just after the test results are out then, the selected candidates will have a personal interview round.

Career Option

So, let’s talk about the scopes for the students after completing this degree. Students have various jobs, and higher education opportunities are open to the students.

Job Opportunities

  • Poet/ Novelist
  • Publisher
  • Public Relation Journalist
  • Technical Writer
  • Lecturer/ Teacher
  • HR Executive
  • Union/ Corporate Mediator
  • Content Writer

Higher Study Options

  • M.A. in Philosophy
  • MA in English Literature
  • MBA in HR 
  • MBA in Marketing

Even they can do a PhD in their Specialized subject after their master’s.

Major Subjects in bachelors in philosophy

So, the major subjects in this course are as follow:

  • Logic 
  • Informal Fallacies
  • Ethics
  • Fundamental of Ethics
  • Indian Philosophy
  • Theories of Causation
  • Vedic System of Values
  • Philosophy of Language, Epistemology and Metaphysics
  • Concept of Man And Humanity

Top Colleges in India for Bachelor’s In Philosophy

There are few colleges in India that focus on the quality of education and focuses more on practical learning. So, let’s see what top colleges are offering this course:

  • Jamia Millia Islamia 
  • Alliance University
  • Christ Church College
  • Jai hind college
  • Christ University

Some of the famous books for Philosophy

The major books that are required while the duration of study are as follows:

  • The problems of Philosophy’ —– Bertrand Russell
  • Philosophy 1: A guide through the subject —- A.C. Grayling

Philosophy 2: 

  • Further through the subject —– A.C. Grayling
  • Invitation to philosophy —- Martin Hollis
  • The Republic —- Plato, Tom Griffith


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