Why is Everyone talking about Best PGDM Colleges in India

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The PGDM course is gaining prevalence continuously in recent times of education. Many people opt for the PGDM course in their post-graduation towards business management. Generally, the course is for 2 years of master’s degree in management. The subjects included are commercial courses, which are in high demand. In particular, This degree has a lot of requirements because there are a lot of career chances in this field. Specifically, The main goal of this course is to satisfy the requirements for a management degree, among other things. There are many prominent PGDM colleges in India.

Many institutions recognized by the AIU provide PGDM courses in India. The diploma here is available in a variety of subjects. Generally, the PGDM is a post-graduation course in the field of business management. Here, the diploma offered provides the candidates with practical exposure and knowledge. Similarly, there are many best PGDM colleges in India that offer high quality education and skills. As it meets the needs of organizations, institutions, and businesses, the graduates will find lots of opportunities to work as managers, leaders, functional heads, and specialized executives all over the world.

Eligibility Criteria for Admission in Best PGDM Colleges

Best distance PGDM Colleges in India

Syllabus of PGDM Colleges in India

Subjects included in PGDM courses


Eligibility Criteria for Admission in Best PGDM Colleges

These days, many candidates are preferring the PGDM course for their higher level of education. There are many eligibility criteria for the students to join the PGDM colleges. Generally, any candidate from any of the undergraduate backgrounds can pursue a post-graduation in the business field of management.

Some of the criteria for a person as to who can pursue the PGDM Course:

  • The PGDM course can be pursued by a candidate interested to have their career path in the field of business management.
  • Candidates with good leadership skills can enroll and take up this course and can earn higher income after the course.
    The students interested in having practical knowledge and skills can opt for the course.
  • Many students enroll in a PGDM program in order to rise to a managing or administrative job or to change careers.
  • You shouldn’t do both at the same time since you can end up spreading yourself too thin, especially if you don’t have any work experience in the new role to back it up.
  • Any professional or student can opt for this course because of its flexibility.

The Important Eligibility for the students include:

  1. The Candidates opting for admission must have a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized college or institute in any course with a minimum of 50%. The candidate from any background or undergraduate course can opt for a PGDM degree.
  2. However, at premier universities such as IIM, a minimum of 60% or 6.5 CGPA on a scale of 10 should have been achieved at the graduation level.
  3. There is no set age limit for taking this course. Any person interested in for opting the course can take this course irrespective of age.
  4. The course is also in virtual and distance education modes.

Students must pass national or state-level PGDM entrance tests such as the CAT, MAT, XAT, and others. Aspirants can teach at business schools or coaching centers that prepare students for management admission exams. The entrance exam provides a snapshot of the entire course, providing a broad overview of the subject.

The candidate is required to attempt all of the questions, and understand the proper time management. In the exam, The generalized section requires time management and aptitude understanding.

Best distance PGDM Colleges in India

The PGDM Distance Education program is a two-year postgraduate management correspondence program. For students who are unable to pursue full-time PGDM programs in India, distance PGDM is a viable choice. Distance PGDM allows students to continue their education without having to leave their full-time jobs or cities, as it does not require students to attend classes every day.

The cost of distance PGDM admission in 2021 varies by college. IGNOU is also one of India’s best distant PGDM institutes. Other entrance exams, like the NMAT and MAH CAT, admit students to a variety of colleges, including IMT, Netaji Subhas Open University, and others. Likewise, there are many best distance PGDM colleges in India that provide a high quality of education.

The syllabus of the distance PGDM course includes Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Operations Management, Corporate Finance, and other disciplines. In universities other than IIMs, distance PGDM fees range from INR 7,000 to 1,50,000. The cost of a distance PGDM from IIM varies between INR 3,00,000 to INR 22,44,500.

Financial Accounting, Business Economics, Basics of Mathematics and Statistics, Marketing Management, Business Communication, and Human Resource Management are some of the core disciplines. In particular, This training will reward people who are competent in leading and managing teams with good income.
Particularly, The course prepares students for careers as professors and lecturers in research and educational institutes, with a focus on accounting, business, and soft skills.

Syllabus of PGDM Colleges in India

The PGDM Syllabus gives the candidates a holistic understanding and training of the management industry through a practical approach. Particularly, Managerial Economics, Accounting for Managers, Business Communication, Information Technology Management, Marketing Management, and other areas are covered in PGDM courses.

The PGDM curriculum includes both Core and Elective subjects. The PGDM Subject List contains four semesters. Each semester is based on a different part of management. Likewise, In most of India’s top PGDM institutes, the first-year PGDM syllabus is the same for all PGDM specialties.

Subjects included in PGDM Courses

Organizational Behavior & Management Process: Introduction to Management, Management Process, Organizational Behavior Fundamentals, Individual and Group Behavior, and Organizational Process

Managerial Economics: The subject Managerial Economics deals with the economic factors of the organization as well as the market. It also helps in understanding the market demand and supply factors.

Marketing Management: In Marketing management, all the information relating to marketing, business promotion, and business development techniques are discussed. It helps the candidates to understand the external working mechanism of the company.

Financial Accounting: Financial accounting helps in providing the complete knowledge of finance, and money-related matters of the company and dealings with the market conditions.

Human Resource Management: HRM is an important subject in the PGDM course as every candidate is required to learn certain basic requirements and leadership qualities.

Informational Technology Management: This subject deals with the technology part which is one of the important features of business management.

Decision Sciences: The subject deals with the study of making decisions.