Everything You Must Know About The Ph.D. Admissions

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A Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) is the program that is done after completing the bachelor’s degree and Post graduation degree course. The students who are interested to pursue this program should have certain eligibility. Besides that, everyone should be aware of the Ph.D. admissions process. Moreover, to get admission to the Doctor of Philosophy program students, must follow some steps and rules. There are various subjects in the Ph.D. program. The duration of this course is around three to five years. However, this course is provided in many colleges and universities. However, colleges and universities conduct a selection process before giving admission to the students.

Ph.D. Admissions

Eligibility Criteria for Ph.D. Admissions

Ph.D. programs in different streams


Ph.D. Admissions 

The admission process to join Ph.D. varies from one university to another university. However, some of the universities follow the same process for giving admission to students. Some rules are to be fulfilled to get admission. They are:

  • Firstly, the students should check which university or college is providing the Ph.D. program with the subject they want to choose.
  • Secondly, they have to check whether they are any seats left for that program or not.
  • Thirdly, the students have to check eligibility criteria to get admission to that college or university.
  • Next, the students have to check mainly the fees of that program and whether it is affordable or not affordable.
  • Then the student has to apply for the admission process, and the application should be filled. Moreover, they should fill in the details in the application properly.
  • Mode of Admission:

The students should know the details of the mode of admission process while filling the application as it varies from one university to another university.

Ph.D. Admissions through entrance exams:

  • Some universities give admission to students conducting their university entrance exams for the respective program.
  • Moreover, there are some universities and colleges that give admission to students through some of the entrance exams.
  • If the student scores the required marks then that student gets admission. Moreover, some of the universities provide scholarships to students.

Steps of the Ph.D. Admissions process:

  • Later, Universities conduct interviews, and the students have to attend that process after they are selected, in the first stage of selection.
  • After that, the students should submit the research work that they have done related to the area of specialization.
  • However, after conducting the selection process, they announce the results.
  • The students get selected according to their scores and they have to follow the merit list to get admission.
  • In the final stage, the universities conduct the process of counseling to lock their seat in the university.
  • The students have to submit the required documents to the university and if the documents are not correct, however, their admission to the university gets canceled.
  • Finally, after getting admission the students have to pay the fees to lock the seat, otherwise, they will not secure a seat.

Eligibility Criteria for Ph.D. Admissions

The students who want to pursue a Doctor of Philosophy(Ph.D.) in any stream, have to fulfill the required eligibility criteria. There are many universities and colleges providing Ph.D. in various streams. However, the students can join the stream and choose their specialization according to their interests.

  • Primarily, students should have completed a bachelor’s degree in the related field they want to choose.
  • Moreover, they should have done their Master’s degree in the related field of specialization.
  • Minimum 55% of the score must be obtained by the students to be eligible to join the Ph.D. program in any stream.
  • However, the percentage required for the eligibility to join the Ph.D. program varies from one university to another university.
  • Some universities give admission through entrance exams scores the students secured. However, there are some entrance exams that the universities take into consideration.

Main Entrance Exams for Ph.D. Admissions

  • CET Exam
  • UGC NET Exam
  • TIFR Exam
  • DBT JRF Biotech Exam
  • AIMS Ph.D. Entrance Exam
  • IISC Ph.D. Entrance Exam
  • GTU Ph.D. Entrance Exam
  • BITS Ph.D. Entrance Exam

These are some of the main Ph.D. entrance exams that students have to attempt to join the Ph.D. program. However, there are different eligibility criteria and entrance exams to get admission to the Ph.D. program. Moreover, the entrance exams are different for each field.

Ph.D. programs in different streams

There are various Ph.D. programs provided in many universities and colleges in India. Moreover, many students are interested in pursuing Ph.D. programs in different fields according to their interests. However, there are some of the main Ph.D. Programs in different streams. They are:

  • Ph.D. program in Engineering

In this, there are some of the courses that students are showing a lot of interest to pursue. They are Civil Engineering, Quantitative Techniques, Computer Science Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, etc.

  • Ph.D. program in Law

In Law, there are only some popular courses that students are joining. They are in Law, Constitutional Law, Legal Studies, Law & Governance, etc.

  • Ph.D. program in Teaching and Education

In this program, the students have to choose the course that is in Education and Teaching. However, in this field, people learn a lot about how to teach and educate.

  • Ph.D. program in Business and Management

Mainly, in this program, the students have options, to choose subjects related to Business and Management. Mostly, students choose Business Administration, Commerce, Commerce & Management, Aviation Management, Logistics &Supply Chain Management, Accounting & Financial Management, Marketing & Brand Management, etc.

  • Ph.D. program in Humanities

This program offers subjects such as Economics, Humanities, English, Psychology, Arts, Literature, Public Policy, Social work, etc. are some of the courses.

  • Ph.D. program in Commerce

In Commerce, there are mainly two courses that students choose there are Commerce Management, and Accounting & Financial Management.

  • Ph.D. program in Science

In this Science program, there are many courses provided by universities and colleges. They are Mathematics, Zoology, Physics, Chemistry, Applied Sciences, Bioinformatics, Bioscience, Biotechnology, Environmental Science & Engineering, Applied Chemistry & Polymer technology, etc are some of the courses provided in this field.


The Doctor of Philosophy program increases the status of their qualification. Moreover, they also gain a lot of knowledge after pursuing this program. There are many universities and colleges providing Ph.D. programs in India. Moreover, there are a lot of job opportunities for the students after completing the Ph.D. in any stream.