Benefits and job roles after International Business MBA ?

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Benefits and job roles after International Business MBA ?


In this article, I would be writing about the Benefits and job roles available for students after International Business MBA. In my opinion, International Business is one of the best specializations when we look at current aspects of Business. If we look at today’s scenario most companies are going global and expanding their business. So, it increases the scope of International Business. There are a lot of benefits for the students who wish to pursue an International Business MBA. This course helps the student to understand how International Business works. Therefore, the job opportunities are so many with a very handsome amount of package. So, we can say there are so many benefits and job roles after International Business MBA.


When we look at today’s situation all the companies are going global and expanding their business in other parts of the world. It requires that students should have an understanding of International Business. It is said that if a country is economically strong then its Balance of Payment (BOP) should be more on the export side than the import. International Business specialization includes an international perspective of all the other specializations including law. This helps the student to gain an idea of other specializations subjects. If we look at India it is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. India has the largest foreign reserves because most multinational and transnational companies are expanding their business in India. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and Foreign Portfolio Investment (FPI) in India are increasing. Because these foreign companies’ expansion in India will increase the job opportunities for Indians.

International Business is one of the best specializations in my opinion. I can say this because I am pursuing an International Business specialization in my bachelor’s from Alliance University. I liked this specialization because it has a vast area for study and provides various opportunities for the students. That’s why I am planning to pursue my MBA in International Business at Alliance University. The reason behind choosing Alliance University for my MBA as I have studied for my bachelor’s here and I liked the way of teaching and the industry exposure that is given to the student is immense. Firstly, If we look at rankings also After a few top IIMs Alliance University is one of the top-ranked private universities in the country. Secondly, the international connection Alliance University has with top universities of the world provides the students to get great exposure.

Benefits and job roles after International Business MBA ?
Benefits and job roles after International Business MBA?

Blog Outline:

Admission Process

Major Subjects

Job roles after International Business

Admission Process:

The admission process for MBA is completely based on the entrance test conducted by various government bodies and top-private Universities. As we all know for getting into IIMs students need to clear CAT because the registration process of IIMs starts just after the CAT results are out. For the private universities, they conduct their separate entrance and they even take admission on the basis of government-based entrance exams. Basically, the entrance test of private universities takes place in two rounds. The first is the written and the second round is the personal interview. If, a candidate is selected through the government-based entrance then they have to just go through a personal interview round.

Major Subjects:

International Business covers a vast area for study. If we look around the globe all the companies are expanding their business globally then it is required students should take interest in studying International Business. So, let us take a look at the subjects that students are going to study for the duration of two years

  • International Business Law
  • International Trade Operations & Documents
  • Agri-Commodity Trading
  • International Human Resource Management
  • International Business Strategy
  • Customs Procedure in GST Regime
  • International Financial Management
  • International Economics

These are some of the main subjects and there are many other subjects that students will be studying in MBA with International Business Specialization.

Job roles after International Business:

As business is growing globally and all the multinational and transnational companies are knocking on the doors of the other countries to expand their business. Therefore, it will increase the job roles for the student. However, let us look for some of those major job roles available for the students after completing International Business in MBA:

  • Export Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • International Business Consultant
  • International Marketing Manager
  • Investment Banker
  • International Finance Manager
  • Global Business Manager